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|  ABOUT  •  Innovation Summit: Energy & Sustainability Perspectives


Join us as we go behind the headlines of the global energy and sustainability transition to what's powering the digital economy. In celebration of our fifth year, we're joining forces with Schneider Electric's Innovation Summits (Paris | Las Vegas) to provide even more thought leadership expertise and networking opportunities.

Our event brings together experts who excel in the energy and sustainability fields and breaks down barriers to provide deeper value on how you can develop your strategies to attain savings. You’ll hear best practices from peers, tips from our technology specialists, and insights from leading analysts who track industry trends.


And you’ll leave with new ideas and contacts to help you: 

  • Connect people with information. Remove barriers in how you purchase and use energy to boost efficiency and the bottom line. 

  • Innovate and refine strategies. Take your business and environmental approach to the next level. 

  • Sustain your investments. Drive long-term success within your organization.




1-3 April 2020

Paris, France



2-4 June 2020

Las Vegas (NV), United States

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