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Volatility & Risk: Managing in the Energy Transition



Ramblas A&B

As volatility returns with a vengeance to the European energy landscape, we check in on some major consumers to get their thoughts on how their strategy has coped in recent times and how they are thinking of evolving in the future to take in the dynamics of increased volatility and different approaches Market volatility has returned to the European energy landscape with a vengeance.


In this session, we’ll talk with leading organizations and gain insight on their current risk mitigation strategies. How have they coped with recent market fluctuations? What are they doing to evolve and meet future volatility? Join us to learn about their different strategies and take away ideas to evolve your own.


Sofie Runius Cederberg

Global Strategic Sourcing - Indirect Services & Material


Lukas Pataky

Commodity Manager Energy


Adam Golton

Finance and Industry Programmes Director



Mark Sullivan


Schneider Electric

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