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From the Minds of Investors: Advancing in Climate Risk Assessments


Today's investment community is riding a wave of newfound interest in sustainable companies, ones that show progress toward a 1.5C world. As companies' sustainability journeys continue to evolve, so too do investor interactions. Specifically in how companies address and disclose climate risk and identify opportunities. And on top of that, the EU recently laid out the “Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth” to move toward mandatory climate risk disclosure as part of a new set of regulations to finance sustainable growth and support a low-carbon economy. Companies not only face investor and consumer pressure to operate sustainably and disclose climate risk, but legislation pressure as well.


This session will explore trends and forces shaping the relationships between companies and investors. Hear from companies that have started the journey of evaluating risks and what concrete actions they took because of those efforts. Attendees will walk away with a clearer understanding of how investors evaluate, assign and prioritize risk, and how they can start evaluating their own risks within their company to build a resiliency plan.



Daniel Schmid

Chief Sustainability Officer


Aga Siemiginowska

Interim Head of ESG


Virginie Galas

Managing Director, Head of CROCI Company Analysis

Deutsche Bank

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