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|  COLLABORATION SESSION 2  •  Sustainability

The Race Toward a Net-Zero Future: A Roadmap for Success


To avoid the worst climate impacts and keep course to a 2050 net-zero emissions horizon, global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions need to drop by 50% in the next 10 years. Companies are tasked to realign strategies and operations in-line with these aggressive – but essential – goals. But what does that mean in practice? How can businesses realign business models without impacting current success?


This session will dive into current best practices of setting net-zero targets and feature stories of committed companies that are implementing strategies to reach these goals.


Jose Francisco Vallejo

Senior Director, Global Head of Environment


Frédéric Pinglot

Group Sustainability Performance Manager

Schneider Electric

Elena Stecca

Global Manger, Commit to Action 



Gabriel de Malleray


Schneider Electric

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