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Financial Enablement: A How-To in Process and Engagement


When it comes to innovative funding models such as Energy-as-a-Service, there's been a lot of market hype around what it can do for companies with big energy, sustainability and infrastructure ambitions. But what does it take to actually put an agreement together? Like anything else innovative and new, corporate leaders must be prepared to challenge the status quo, lead the dialog internally on innovative ways to finance and manage these investments, and ultimately ensure resulting agreements meet business & sustainability objectives. This means evaluating operational and financial implications of investments, as well as going beyond the basic economics of the project to include implementation and performance planning. Critical to success will be achieving consensus with finance and treasury, accounting, legal, and securing senior C-suite approvals.


In this session, clients and financiers will share their first-hand experience using non-traditional funding models. You will hear about the pitfalls to avoid and best practices for building an agreement, then apply those learnings in a collaborative, group activity facilitated by experts.


Check back soon for more information.

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