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|  COLLABORATION SESSION 5  •  Data & Technology

Matching Your Data Strategy with Corporate Ambition


More than ever, companies are looking at data to find efficiencies or growth opportunities. Having a data strategy is not a new concept. The question now is how effective is that strategy? Does it support in identifying and acting on opportunities presented? In today’s world, there is a significant risk of becoming overloaded with data, which can fog your ability to filter it into the right form to drive meaningful insights that drive action. That risk paired with a call for greater transparency and tracking corporate goals means it's imperative to have a data strategy that works for you – now.

In this session, workshop necessary steps to take to ensure your data strategy returns value in the short and long-term.


Marc Escudeiro

Global Supply Chain Sustainability Analytics Leader



Alisdair McDougall

Commercial Software Product Manager

Schneider Electric

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