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Building a Business Case to Put Your Efficiency Plans in Motion

Energy efficiency dominates corporate energy investments with 93 percent of companies using efficiency technologies today. While technology may be an enabler, companies are struggling to translate these investments into long-term growth and progress towards energy and carbon reduction goals. However, today’s leading companies have found that taking a portfolio approach to energy management, while leveraging a diversified mix of financial business models to implement projects, is helping them achieve long-term business performance and sustainability goals.


Join this session to learn strategies that get you from planning to savings faster, including diversified funding models to unlock more capex, and proven methodology for implementation and performance management. Your takeaways will allow you to apply these strategies to your own opportunities and challenges, including:


  • Governance and decision-making process

  • Project prioritization and implementation

  • Capex business case with diversified funding models

  • Methodology for measuring results and progress


This workshop involves pre-work.

PART I: 1 June | 12:00-2:00 pm

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