Achieving Growth and Embracing Change



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The future is now: PPA, EaaS, microgrids and more are changing the energy landscape as we know it, and companies around the world are leading the transition. By adopting growth strategies that keep sustainability and resource efficiency at the top of the agenda, the opportunities to innovate and manage risk allow companies to put energy to work for the planet and their bottom line. But what are we seeing in the market and on the horizon? And how have these new innovations changed the way companies operate in the new energy era?


In this session, hear how the energy and sustainability landscape is evolving and what's driving corporations to act on these opportunities.


Andreas Glapka

Director of Global Sourcing


Dimitar Uzunov

Global Sourcing Manager Energy

Mondelez International


Nisa Bradley

Vice President

Schneider Electric

Philippe Diez

Vice President

Schneider Electric

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