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|  PLENARY SESSION 2  •  Active Energy Management

Digital Innovation in Energy & Sustainability

11:45-12:15 pm

Orsay Nord


The energy transition is continuing to rapidly accelerate, creating opportunities and challenges for companies looking to stay competitive and actively manage their energy and sustainability portfolio. The energy landscape is more connected, resilient and core to the bottom line. And that calls for more digital, inclusive and real-time action. The deployment of AI is revolutionizing everything we do, designing a new digital world around us. At Schneider Electric, when looking at the issues facing our world in sustainability and energy, we see a next-level world. One where both AI and multi-local human expertise are combined to drive efficiency, action and accelerate results.


During this session, hear what's next: Next-level energy and sustainability powered by next-generation technology; where connected systems leverage next age energy and technology and driving new impact for businesses.


Steve Wilhite

Senior Vice President

Schneider Electric

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