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|  PLENARY SESSION 3  •  Active Energy Management

Creating a Roadmap to 2050


1:45-2:15 pm

Orsay Nord


A new movement has begun, with companies playing a larger role in leading the fight against climate change. The need for a low-carbon future has become undeniable and action is needed now to curb the worst outcomes.


This call to action spurred organizations and businesses to gain a better understanding and a more defined plan to mitigate climate change, and leading companies are now factoring climate change into their business strategy. And those who have looked to meet these aggressive climate goals are identifying opportunities in innovation.


In this session, join leaders of companies who have taken steps toward net-zero action, creating a path for others in the industry to create and act on bold energy goals by taking a combined approach to their energy, efficiency and sustainability approach.


Daniel Schmid

Chief Sustainability Officer


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